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Saleen Mustangs

Roush Mustangs

Steeda Mustangs

S-331 Trucks

Harley-Davidson Trucks

Edelbrock S/C Mustangs

Want an easy way to increase your Saleen's power?

One of the easiest ways to pump up the power of your Saleen is to increase the factory boost level with our MoSaleen™ Idler Pulley System.

This system simply secures into the existing bolt holes on your engine, providing more tension on the belt to reduce slippage. Lack of proper tension on the belt can rob your supercharger of boost. You may have noticed signs of this slippage yourself ... black rubber dust buildup on your hood or around your supercharger pulley. I've even seen the belt vibrate up and down under load on the long travel to the supercharger pulley. I knew that there had to be a better setup. Because of this, I have invested many hours over the years to perfecting this system on my own Saleen.

Now I am excited to share my MoSaleen™ Idler Pulley System with other proud Saleen owners. Be prepared to be impressed!

99-04 Saleens

This system is available for the Saleen 99-04 models with series I, II, IV and V superchargers.


05-09 Saleens and More

Also compatible with Roush & Steeda Mustangs, S-331 Trucks, Harley-Davidson Trucks and Edelbrock S/C Mustangs.


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